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1941 AW - 1955 40T WFE - 1955 40V - 1958 420W - 1958 420U - 1966 110 L&G


1941 AW

1941 AW arrived at home from a purchase near Erie, PA (February 2003)

Disassembly has begun. (12-15-2009)

Uh oh, got a ridge that I might not be able to hone out.

Replace the core. Radiator ready to go.

Couldn't get the ridge out after honing. Boring block .090 over. (March 22, 2010)

Machinist sharpening the cutting tool on bore machine.

Had to bore one hole at a time. It was able to ready each bore with one pass and 14.5".

Heating up the head to blister the paint.

Head after it's been in blaster.

Installed block and pistons. (July 9, 2010)

Preparing these heavy cast centers for paint. (What a pain they are!) (June 2011)

Sure glad these heavy wheels are complete. (7-14-2011)

Painted today. (August 16, 2011)

Putting everything back together. The fun part! (Sept 2011)

Finished up on October 28, 2011

To watch AW running water pump, click here. (November 2011)

1955 40T WFE

1955 40V


Disassembled everything. Wasn't happy with the transmission noise, so am now lapping the gears, which seems to be working very well.

Shot of the teeth on the gears after they were lapped.

Tranny back together and working very smoothly and quietly. On to the front. Tearing motor down. Have no oil feeding the rocker arms.

Pulled the camshaft out as I couldn't clean the oil lines from the pump back to the rear cam bearing. Tried a banjo string to fish through, no luck.

The bushing had indeed either spun or was pushed to far forward. The hole was not lined up with the slot in the block. Now I awaiting parts.

Re-assembled with the front end reworked and ready for a test run.

Put on new front tires and wheels and double checked the toe-in prior to breaking down for painting. (July 10, 2008)

Painting time. (9-1-08)

The fun part...putting it back together. (10-24-08)

1958 420W

1958 420U

This was originally purchased by Missouri Highway Department with Industrial Yellow paint. Then purchased by Knob Noster State Park and painted orange

Started tear down for restoration. (October 2013)


1966 110

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