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Two Cylinder Magazine

Index of featured articles and more


Featured Article(s)


Jan-Feb 1985

History of JD Tractor Works


Mar-Apr 1985

'GP' Wide-Tread, Series P


May-Jun 1985

Model 'GPO'


Jul-Aug 1985

Model 'R'


Sep-Oct 1985

Model '60'


Nov-Dec 1985

Hawkeye Motor Patrol


Jan-Feb 1986

Model 'AO' Streamline


Mar-Apr 1986

Model 'C'


May-Jun 1986

The Froelich


Jul-Aug 1986

Model 'H'


Sep-Oct 1986

'GP' Tricycle


Nov-Dec 1986

Early Model 'A' (1933-1935)


Jan-Feb 1987

Model 'BI'


Mar-Apr 1987

Model '820'


May-Jun 1987

Styled Model 'D'


Jul-Aug 1987

Model 'D' Crawler


Sep-Oct 1987

Model '530'


Nov-Dec 1987

Model 'M' Series


Jan-Feb 1988

Late Styled Model 'A' and 'B'


Mar-Apr 1988

Model 'GP' Wide Tread


May-Jun 1988

Model 'GM'


Jul-Aug 1988

Model '730'


Sep-Oct 1988

Model 'DI'


Nov-Dec 1988

Model '430'


Jan-Feb 1989

Unstyled Model 'AR'


Mar-Apr 1989

Model '520'


May-Jun 1989

Model "BO'


Jul-Aug 1989

Models 'H', 'HN', & 'HWH'


Sep-Oct 1989

Unstyled Model 'G'


Nov-Dec 1989

1928 Experimental Model 'D'


Jan-Feb 1990

Model '430'


Mar-Apr 1990

Styled Model 'L'


May-Jun 1990

Model '720'


Jul-Aug 1990

Model 'AI' and Expo II


Sep-Oct 1990

1930 Exhibit Model 'D'


Nov-Dec 1990

Model '50'


Jan-Feb 1991

Expo II Exhibitor Photos


Mar-Apr 1991

Model '80'


May-Jun 1991

Styled Model 'AR'


Jul-Aug 1991

Unstyled Model 'B' - Part I


Sep-Oct 1991

Unstyled Model 'B' - Part II


Nov-Dec 1991

Tractor Identification - Part I


Jan-Feb 1992

Tractor Identification - Part II


Mar-Apr 1992

Model '620'


May-Jun 1992

Styled Model 'G'


Jul-Aug 1992

Expo III


Sep-Oct 1992

Model '70'


Nov-Dec 1992

Spoke-Flywheel Model 'D'


Jan-Feb 1993

The Lindeman Story


Mar-Apr 1993

Model '40'


May-Jun 1993

Grand Opening Issue


Jul-Aug 1993

Model 'GP' Standard X/O


Sep-Oct 1993

John Deere & World War II


Nov-Dec 1993

Unstyled Model 'AO'


Jan-Feb 1994

Model 'LA'


Mar-Apr 1994

Type 'W' Stationary Engines


May-Jun 1994

Model '420'


Jul-Aug 1994

Expo IV


Sep-Oct 1994

Model 'GP' Standard - Part I


Nov-Dec 1994

Model 'GP' Standard - Part II


Jan-Feb 1995

Waterloo Boy Tractors


Mar-Apr 1995

Model '320'


May-Jun 1995

Model '630'


Jul-Aug 1995

Model '830'


Sep-Oct 1995

Model 'A' general Purpose (1939-1946)


Nov-Dec 1995

Expo V


Jan-Feb 1996

Model '62' & Model 'L'


Mar-Apr 1996

Model 'BR'


May-Jun 1996

Model '840'


Jul-Aug 1996

Model 'B' general Purpose (1939-1946)


Sep-Oct 1996

Two Cylinder VI


Nov-Dec 1996

Model '435'


Jan-Feb 1997

Styled Model 'AO' (1949-1953)


Mar-Apr 1997

Tractor Production Figures


May-Jun 1997

Model 'LI'

Jul-Aug 1997

Model 'D' (1926-1930)


Sep-Oct 1997

Two-Cylinder VII


Nov-Dec 1997

Model 'D' (1931-1938)


Jan-Feb 1998

Getting Your House in Order


Mar-Apr 1998

Deere and Company Documents (1930-1933)


May-Jun 1998

Late-Styled Model 'B'


Jul-Aug 1998

Late Styled Model 'A'


Sep-Oct 1998

Model 'R' & Expo VIII


Nov-Dec 1998

Unstyled Model 'A' Series


Jan-Feb 1999

Waterloo-Built '30' Series


Mar-Apr 1999

Model 'H' Series


May-Jun 1999

Model 'B' Standard Tread Series


Jul-Aug 1999

Dubuque-Built '30' Series


Sep-Oct 1999

Expo IX & History of Powr-Trol


Nov-Dec 1999

Model '40' Series


Jan-Feb 2000

Model '50', '60' & '70' Series


Mar-Apr 2000

Model 'G' Series


May-Jun 2000

Model 'L' Series

The Last Wide Tread

Out of Alaska

Almost There

Electrical Maintenance

Work-In-Process Update

Jul-Aug 2000

Model '520', '620', & '720' Series

Jorde's Decals

Tractor Rumblings

There are No Tractors in Maine

Expo Quality or Just Painted?


Sep-Oct 2000

Model 'M' Series & Expo X

Tractor Rumblings-The Interview

Half-Buried Treasure

What I Did This Summer

Nov-Dec 2000

Model 'A' Standard-Tread Series

Tractor Rumblings-Observations

Cross Training

Continuing On

Originals Are Okay, too

Model '830' Pre-Industrial

Jan-Feb 2001

Model 'R', '80', & '830 Diesel Tractors

The Connection

Problems and Values

Two-Cylinder Savvy

Salvage Yard '730'

Lakeside 'A'

Mar-Apr 2001

Model 'GP' Series


The Bean Tractor

Project Progress & Detail Tips

Tractor Rumblings-Breaking Things

May-Jun 2001

Building & Selling Two-Cylinder Tractors

Red Deer '40'

Rediscovering the '30' Series


Memories of Africa

Tractor Ramblings-Magnetos

A 'B' on Tracks

The V-4 Starting Engine


Projects '630', '620', & '530' LP

Jul-Aug 2001

Model 'D' Series

Codes for Lettered Models Built in Waterloo

A Long Journey

The Birthplace

Sourcing Parts, Q&A, Update

Estimating Restoration Costs

The Top-Steer 'GP' Wide-Tread Tractor

Sep-Oct 2001

Dubuque-Built '20' Series & Expo XI


A Boy and a 'D'

Expo XI & Shop Talk

Midnight Mount

The Series 6-71 GM Diesel Engine

Sealing Before Painting

The Value of a Tractor

Nov-Dec 2001

Best Archival Photos

Trade Secrets

Applying the Paint

From Maine to Maine-One Tractor's Journey

Right Hand 'D'

Power Shaft Repair & Other Tasks

A Comedy of Terrors

Jan-Feb 2002

General Purpose Tractors Model 'A' Tractors

Sale of the $170,000 'GP'

For The Record

Tractor Rumblings

28-inch Rows

Painting Safely

Testing Patience

Mar-Apr 2002

All-Fuel Tractors-Numbered Series

Farming in Ethiopia

Massaging an 'AOS'

Thought Process

Riverfront Development

Knock-Knock...What's There

May-Jun 2002

General Purpose Tractors Model 'B' Tractors

Armored Model 'A'

Out the Door

Basic Essentials

Swamp Tractor

Jul-Aug 2002

Depression 'D' & Top Ten Tractors

Grandpa Keller's Conversion

Products for Restoration

A Trio of LP's

Starting a Collection

Tractor Rumblings

From Heinrich Lanz to John Deere

Sep-Oct 2002

Two-Cylinder Hi-Crop Tractors & Expo XII

Sale of a $175,000 Model 630 All-Fuel

Restoration Challenges

How Many Beeners?

Runnin' Trotlines

More Restoration Products

Nov-Dec 2002

More Top Ten Tractors & Succession Plan

A Learning Process

Preparation and Documentation

The Discovery

One Tractor

Vibrating Down Memory Lane

Jan-Feb 2003

Rice Tractors in Brief

Why Did They Do It?

Tractor Collecting in Europe

Where Should I Start-And Then What?

Power Steering Tips

Switchin' Mounts

Historic House Makes Its Move

Mar-Apr 2003

Two-Cylinder Sampler

The Newest Generation

Stepping Forward

Overlooking the Obvious

Two-Thirds the Size-Twice the Fun

More Than a Hobby

May-Jun 2003

The JD Model '440' Series Tractors

Carburetor Indentification

Getting Wired

Ready to Roll

Tractor Detailing-Part I

The New York State Expo

Another Excuse to Buy an Old Tractor

Tractor Collecting in Europe

The Grand Handle

Jul-Aug 2003

Rice Farming in Gulf Coast (1942-1971)

Paint Questions & Answers

Tractor Detailing-Part II

Growing a Collection

The New Generation of Collectors

Aging Restorations


Sep-Oct 2003

The CJ Codes-A Mystery That Needs to be Solved

Two-Cylinder Expo XIII

The 'XM-14'

To What Degree

Getting Show Ready

Nov-Dec 2003

Uncommon Crops-Specialized Equipment

John Deere Model '6030'

Winterizing Your Tractor

Sources and Resources

My '28'

Container to Europe

Getting it Right

Building a Modified Tractor

First Tractor Lives Again

Two-Cylinder Down Under

The Awakening

Harvesting Rice

Tractor Rumblings

Jan-Feb 2004

What Does That Mean? (Part I)

Roll-O-Matic Frontends

Finding a Way

Building the Moline Plow Works

Ostranders Host 'GP' Rally

A Study of Wheels-Model 'G'

Cylinder Head Repair

Logging Logic

Goal: A 'New' Model '60' LP Standard


Mar-Apr 2004

Tractors of Arizona


William Butterworth

The Furrow Unfurled

Another Deere

Staying Cool

Model '420' Utility Project

May-Jun 2004

The Yellow Tractors

Model '3020' tractor

Detailing-Part I

Watching for Scams

A Means to an End-The JD All-Wheel Drive

Jul-Aug 2004

What Does That Mean? (Part II)

New Generation Tractors Model Variations

To Capetown and Back

A Reason to Think


William Butterworth-Part II

Detailing-Part II

Rain Clouds Overhead

Sep-Oct 2004

JD Power Units (1946-1966)

A Study of Wheels-Unstyled Model 'B'

Listing of Equipment Made for the Model 'M'

Customer Satisfaction Comes in all Colors

Long Green Line

Hammer-In Highlights

Character of a Company-Part I

Unexpected Finds

Half Scale Tractors

In Consideration

Nov-Dec 2004

What Does That Mean? (Part III)

'Code' Numbers for Waterloo Tractors-Lettered

Hitting Pay Dirt

'DX' No. 24

Project 'A'

Character of a Company-Part II

Weekend Freedom Machines

Haying in Ethiopia

What Kind of Sandpaper Should I Use?

Saga of a Suburban 'B'

Shop Differences

Jan-Feb 2005

John Deere Combines

'Code' Numbers for Waterloo Tractors-Numbered

Character of a Company-Part III

The Piecemeal Restoration

Seal Replacement

Handling During Painting

Mar-Apr 2005

60 Years-John Deere at Dubuque

'Doc' Taylor

Wheel Detailing

Character of a Company-Part IV

Which Paint Gun?

Pedal Tractor Implements

From Mules to a Tractor Collection

May-Jun 2005

Two-Cylinder 4x4's

A Study of Wheels-Late Styled Model 'A'

                            and Model 'B'

Three Point Hitches

Spark Plugs

Double Trouble-Restoring a Pair of Streamliners

Choosing a "140' L&G

Plows in the White City

Jul-Aug 2005

John Deere Combines (Part II) (1941-1972)

Hydraulic Powr-Trol Overhaul

Frequently Asked Questions

'G' and Mack

Horses of a Different Color

Tractor Collecting in Europe

A Treasure in the Granary

Crankshaft Spline Repair-Part I

Power Train '66

Sep-Oct 2005

John Deere Starting Engines

A Study of Wheels - Early Styled Model 'A'

                            (Serial # 477000-583999)


Ten Great JD Factories

One Man's Journey

One of None

The Expo Experience

Steering Wheels

Starting from Scratch

Charles Deere & the Other Moline Plow Company

Nov-Dec 2005

John Deere Advertising


Jan-Feb 2006

JD Self-Propelled Combines (1940-1970)

Low-To-Moderate-Production #'s for Styled

                  'All Green Tractors' 1939-1957

Three Short Stories

Pedal Tractor Implements

Electrifying News

Common Problems

Restoring a '620' O

Original or Reproduction

Mar-Apr 2006

JD Thee-Cylinder Tractors

Wheel Weights

Restoring Early 'L' Series Tractors

It's Not New Anymore

A Man and His Plows

Two For the Road

May-Jun 2006


Crankshaft and Flywheel Problems

Two-Cylinders and Self-Guides

Base Coat and Clear Coat

Misconceptions Versus Reality

My Early Scraper Experience

Three More Short Stories

Jul-Aug 2006

John Deere Industrial Equipment

A Study of Wheels - Numbered Waterloo Tractors

JD's First Architect - Oscar Eckerman

'BO' Lindeman Crawlaer

Another Triple Header


Sep-Oct 2006

John Deere-Killefer

Main and Rod Bearings


Collecting Literature

America's Civil War Benefited Farm Implements

Restoration Surprises

Nov-Dec 2006

John Deere Cotton Pickers

Showing True Colors

Always Lumber

Judging Tractors at the State Fair

Jan-Feb 2007

The Theo Brown Album

Restoring A Cotton Picker

Automatic Fuel Shutoffs

The JD Two-Cylinder Clutch PartI

Mar-Apr 2007

The New Generation of Power

The Centennial Tractors

The JD Two-Cylinder Clutch Part II

The Waterloo Boy - Before John Deere

Restoring a New Generation Tractor

A JD '1020' Vineyard

Ten FAQ's

May-Jun 2007

Two-Cylinder Review-Waterloo

The No. 5

The Accidental Connection

Little Big Tractors

Restoring a New Generation Tractor - Part II

The Flaming '420'

Jul-Aug 2007

The New Generation from Dubuque

Getting Your Bearings-Reference for JD Products

Restoration Woes

George Mixter - Making Factories Work

Tractor Protocol

Cranking Tractors

Detective Work Pays Off

Sep-Oct 2007

Corn Pickers


Making Do

Restoring a Yellow All-Fuel '60' Orchard Tractor

Gone-But not Forgotten

The Search for Two-Cylinder Tractors

Nov-Dec 2007

Experimental Farm Photo Album (1935-1947)

Finding an Acorn

Orchard Obsession

Serial Number Plates

A Gentleman's Tractor

JD Manure Spreaders and Loaders

Jan-Feb 2008

New Generation-The Production Numbers

Genealogy of the John Deere Hay Balers

Locating Parts

The Last Cash Crop

A Simple Accident

Mar-Apr 2008

Two-Cylinder LP-Gas Tractors

The JD 'AR'

Corn Harvest Hero

One Tractor-Five Generations

Collecting and the Younger Generation

May-Jun 2008

The Two-Cylinder Unstyled Era

Love It and Leave It

The '4x9s'

A New Expo Tradition

Draft Horses?

Sprucing Up a No. '101' Tractor


Jul-Aug 2008

John Deere Orchard Tractors


The Gasket

Sep-Oct 2008

John Deere Two-Cylinder Utility Tractors



Grain Drills...'The Last Brick'

The Missing Engine

Nov-Dec 2008

John Deere Cotton Strippers

From Loathing to Loving Two-Cylinder Tractors

Still Under Warranty!

It's Your Money

Identity Established!

Jan-Feb 2009



Mar-Apr 2009

John Deere Hi-Crop Tractors of the Two-Cylinder & New Generation Era

You Get a 'D' for Effort

The Amazing Model 'R'

The Accidental Restorer

May-Jun 2009

John Deere Two-Cylinder Crawler Tractors

Smooth Ride

The 'L' in the Dell

Jul-Aug 2009



Sep-Oct 2009

The Standard-Tread Tractors of Dubuque

'8010' and '8020' Rebuild Records


Nov-Dec 2009

Moving Beyond the New Generation

Expo XIX


Jan-Feb 2010

Two-Cylinder Row-Crop Tractor- Lettered Models

Double Identity

Gathering of the Green

Mar-Apr 2010

Two-Cylinder Row-Crop Tractor- Numbered Models

If It Can Cast a Shadow

45 Degree Tires Made in USA

Restoring a 'W' Power Unit (Part II)

Restoring the Drayton 'G'

The '50'

May-Jun 2010

Two-Cylinder Tractor Detailing

Resurrection of 1919 Waterloo Boy Model 'N'

Magnetos Again

Never Too Young For a Hobby

Restoring a Model 'W' Power Unit (Part III)

Estimating the Assembly/Date/Time for Model 'M'

Jul-Aug 2010









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